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Hello and welcome to Rainbow Valley Healing. I am Ann Shewan,  a fully insured member of the Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT). Abiding by the values, standards and code of conduct set out by them.

Although I started as a mental health nurse, I have enjoyed a number of different practitioner roles. I discovered Reiki, a form of healing which promotes physical and emotional well-being, a number of years ago when I was facing significant challenges in my life.

After discovering Reiki, I found it helped me to restore a sense of balance and well-being and create choices in my life. I decided to start training to become a Reiki practitioner.

As a trained massage therapist (VTCT Diploma Level 3 and ITEC Diploma in Complementary Therapies Level 2) I am able to offer a unique and holistic service – Reiki Massage. Reiki and Massage are both naturally complementary therapies and work alongside conventional medicine.

Qualified and certified Reiki Master 10th Generation in Reiki healing and teaching using the Dr Mikao Usui Healing System, Usui Royoh.

The word Reiki is Japanese for Universal energy and is a system of natural healing that provides multiple benefits to clients. It helps to promote harmony and balance, energising and promoting an overall sense of well-being. It enables clients to feel relax and helps the body to release stress and tension. Reiki can help to relieve pain and can support the physical body to heal working alongside medical treatment and other therapies.
"I have been receiving Reiki regularly from Ann for over 3 years now. I have noticed a difference in my general well being both emotionally and physically. Following each treatment I feel more positive, relaxed and balanced. This is why I keep returning for a monthly treatment. I would definitely recommend Ann to anyone."
"I just knew Ann was the right therapist for me. It was clear just from speaking to her that she was passionate and knowledgeable about Reiki. I felt the Reiki working after my first session, helping me with head pain caused by cerebral lupus. After a few sessions the pain has receded and my total well being has improved. Ann has helped me so much and every month has been a completely different therapeutic experience. I feel so much happier and healthier. Ann is a very loving and inspiring human being. The Reiki world is blessed to have such a gifted teacher in its midst."


Helping to support the body’s natural self-healing mechanism and speed recovery. • Improve the quality of life for those living with chronic health conditions or receiving palliative care • Reducing stress and anxiety • Improving circulation

Swedish Massage

Traditional Swedish Massage techniques designed to relieve stress and tension, increase circulation and provide a general sense of well-being


Using pre-blended essential oils, experience a warm and deep relaxing massage to leave you feeling relaxed both emotionally and physically

Hot Lava Shells

Relaxing back massage using the natural benefits of heated lava shells. The smooth shells glide over the back, hydrating oils are used to moisturise the skin as the warming energy of the shells helps to revitalise and induce total relaxation.


The use of energy which helps to support the body’s natural self-healing mechanism. It aids relaxation, reduces stress, anxiety and fatigue. Promoting healing and harmony on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Health and well being workshops

The Health and Safety Executive calculates that 40% of absence at work in 2017 was due to anxiety, stress and depression, equating to an estimated 70 million work days lost in the UK alone.

Outline of Workshop

  • How to survive the pressures and challenges within the work place and be healthy
  • Techniques and tools to create a healthy work life homelife balance
  • Rediscovering hidden and forgotten skills
  • Reiki
  • Time for me


  • Individuals can protect and ground themselves
  • Individuals can identify tools and techniques that improve their health and well-being in the work place
  • Individuals are able to develop greater resilience in dealing with the challenging and changing environments within which they work
  • The group can identify skills and techniques that can support both individual’s and the team to improve health and well-being

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My treatment room is situated in the beautiful valley of Holme, Holmfirth.

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